Hawai‘i P-3 Initiative

Hawai‘i P-3 Initiative – April 2013 from Hawai‘i P-20 on Vimeo

Early Childhood Education Sets the Foundation for Lifelong Learning
A child’s early years are critical in establishing a strong foundation for education. The Hawai‘i P-3 Initiative, supported by a generous grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, as well as from Kamehameha Schools, Harold K.L. Castle Foundation, and the Samuel N. and Mary Castle Foundation, establishes partnerships with early learning providers to promote a cohesive continuum of experiences from birth to age eight. Through the lessons learned by these partnerships, the P-3 Initiative is able to improve the alignment and integration of programs, strengthening the Hawai‘i P-20 educational pipeline.

Goal: All of Hawai‘i’s Children Will Read at Grade Level by 3rd Grade

Every Child Should Have the Opportunity to Achieve
Hawai‘i P-20 believes that every child should have the opportunity to achieve and that the quality of life for Hawai‘i’s residents depends on all children being successul. The Hawai‘i P-3 Initiative focuses on improving outcomes for vulnerable children including Native Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders, and low-income children who perform persistently below their peers on standardized measures, including third grade reading.

For more information on the Hawai‘i P-3 Initiative, please go to p3hawaii.org.