College, Career and Community Readiness Definition

In September 2013, the Hawai‘i P-20 Council adopted a statewide definition of College, Career, and Community Readiness in Hawai‘i:

Download CCCR Definition Flyer Here

CCCR Definition Image6

For detailed characteristics of the student readiness outcomes click here

Purpose of Definition

  1. To create an aligned statement that serves as a framework for a P-20 network of student success initiatives.
  2. To align priorities at HIDOE, UH, CTE, national organizations and others around college and career readiness.
  3. To create a sense of shared responsibility between K-12 and higher education for student readiness and success.
  4. To engage higher education and the workforce around the Common Core State Standards and the accompanying assessments.
  5. To Foster cross-sector alignment efforts by clearly defining expectations for students.


On November 19, 2013, Hawai‘i P-20 hosted the College, Career, and Community Readiness (CCCR) Symposium on November 19 to bring together key education and community stakeholders from across the state to identify linkages between the newly adopted CCCR definition and existing programs and initiatives as well as to highlight local and national best practices that align with the intent of the definition. To see pictures, click here.