About Us

Hawai‘i P-20 Partnerships for Education is a statewide collaboration led by the Executive Office on Early Learning, Hawai‘i Department of Education and the University of Hawai‘i System with the goal of improving educational outcomes for Hawai‘i. Hawai‘i P-20 works to strengthen the education pipeline from early childhood through higher education to achieve college and career success for all Hawai‘i’s students.

The goal of Hawai‘i P-20 is for 55% of Hawai‘i’s working age adults to have a two- or four- year college degree by the year 2025. Hawai‘i P-20 seeks to achieve this by:

  • Having all children reading at grade level by third grade
  • Strengthening the rigor of the high school curriculum
  • Increasing student access and success in college
  • Facilitating program and policy development based upon research and data

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